Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Click on the How to Join link at the top right hand corner of the Home Page and then fill out the registration form. When your registration is approved, you will be sent an e-mail to confirm that you can log in using the username and password entered on the registration form.


I am a lawyer but lecture part time at a university: can I join as an academic member?

Yes, part-time academics working in any academic discipline who have an interest in regulatory policy in public procurement are eligible for academic member status.


Can PhD students join?

Students pursuing a research degree in public procurement are eligible to join as academic members.


I am a Masters student: can I join?

Students taking taught university courses (MBA, MSc, LLM etc) are eligible to join as associate members. However, such students are not eligible for academic member status, even if the degree includes a dissertation. On the other hand, students taking research degrees at masters level may join as academic members.


Will the information I provide be publicly available?

Fields flagged on the registration form are compulsory but only those fields will appear on your profile. Your e-mail address and other fields marked will not be displayed. Your profile will be one of the areas of our site that is open to the public. We recommend that you do not post information to your profile or to public areas of the site that you do not wish to be made public.

I am worried about SPAM. Will you pass on my e-mail address to others?

We will never pass on you e-mail address to any third party and all communications between users are done via the site itself. E-mail addresses are not displayed on the site.


What if I forget my username or password?

Click on Forgot Login on the homepage and insert on the form provided the e-mail address you registered with. You will be sent a reminder.


How can I find a member working in a particular country or specific area of interest?

You can search the members list by clicking on the Search Users tab on the right hand side of the academic members page and entering the criteria you wish to search for (name, research interests, country etc.).


Questions, problems, suggestions?

If you would like to contact us with any questions, problems or suggestions please email: .