How to Join

Academic membership is open to academics working in any academic discipline who have an interest in regulatory policy in public procurement. It is open to persons from any country. It is open to any persons with a regular academic appointment at a recognised institution of higher education which has the power to award degrees – both in research and/or teaching – including those holding part time appointments. It is also open to students pursuing a research degree in public procurement at such an institution. This category of membership is not open to students pursuing taught courses, such as LLM, MSc, MBA etc, but such students may join as associate members.


  1. To register fill out the registration form . Please provide a valid academic email address. If you do not have an academic email address your application may be subject to further checks and we may contact you for an explanation.
  2. Confirm your email address by clicking on the link you will receive via email after submitting your registration.
  3. Your registration will be approved and then an email sent to confirm you can log in using the username and password set up when you registered.


Institutional membership is available for academic institutions that have a significant presence and activities in the field of public procurement regulation – for example, which have several staff researching in the area and/or provide academic programmes on public procurement. Institutional membership is only available to institutions that have registered individual  members. It is a facility for providing information on your institution but institutional members cannot post news and events or message other members – this can be done only by individual members. Please ensure therefore that individuals working or researching at these institutions register separately as academic members.

To apply for Institutional membership fill out the application form.


Associate membership: is designed for all other persons who have an interest in academic work in public procurement regulation and who wish to signal their interest to the academic community. Those who might wish to register include, for example, persons working in government, industry or international organisations and also those taking taught university courses (LLM, MBA, MSc etc). Associate members may – like any member of the public – view member profiles and their own profiles will be publicly available on the website to others. On their profile Associate members may add a link to their website. However, there is no facility for Associates to message other members through the site, to post information on news and events or post on the forums.

To apply for Associate membership fill out the application form.