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Dr. Pedro Telles and Dr. Sylvia de Mars, PhD students with the Public Procurement Research Group, University of Nottingham, have recently defended their theses on public procurement.

Dr. Pedro Telles' thesis - entitled "The Assessment of Competitive Dialogue's Impact both in Portugal and Spain" - involves the assessment of competitive dialogue's impact in those two countries, encompassing a legal analysis of applicable national rules and qualitative research with agents involved in the competitive dialogue's effective application, in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of competitive dialogue in both jurisdictions.
His viva took place on 8 December 2010.

Dr. Sylvia de Mars' thesis - entitled "The influence of EC public procurement law on the procurement systems of Member States" - examines the manner and extent to which EU regulation of public procurement has influenced the regulation of public procurement in Member States, including the extent to which this has led to a more uniform approach in the Member States, through a case study of three procurement systems - the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.
Her viva took place on 13 December 2010.


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