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Luana Swensson

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Market linkages and value chains group – Nutrition and Food Systems Division (ESN)

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My main research interest is in the link between public procurement regulation and Institutional Food Procurement Programmes (IFPP) used as a policy instrument to support smallholder farmer’s production and their access to public food markets. My current research aims at exploring (i) “how” and “why” public procurement regulation can impact the implementation of IFPPs (such as home grown school feeding programmes) and, (ii) based on a comparative analysis of different country experience and the current literature on public procurement regulation, analyse the different legal strategies and administratives adjustments governements can adopt for using procurement to attain socio-economic objectives within the food and agricultural context. The final objective of the study is to provide recommendations for national and local government on how to create a favorable legal environment for the use of public procurement of food as a policy  instrument to support smallholder farmers’ production, their integration into formal markets and, as such, as a driver of transformative development of local food systems.




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