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Marta Andrecka

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University of Copenhagen

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CEVIA, Faculty of Law

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Corporate social responsibility.
Sustainable Public Procurement
Human rights in procurement -Modern slavery, Prohibition of child labour, Prohibition of forced labour, illegal wages and hours, Unsafe working conditions, Freedom of association. Considers also the issue of liability and responsibility of governments for breaches of human rights in outsourced services, and the possibility of inclusion of HR considerations in the procurement process. Private and public sector modern slavery issues.
Sustainability in international public trade and the emerging laws that impact it– Also covers implantation of green and social consideration clauses, as well as innovation. From the customers perspective and from the suppliers perspective.
EU procurement – Legal framework of European Union procurement that includes policies and EU Directives which are the law on procurement in EU. The changes since its first release and why it will benefit customers and suppliers. The global roll out of this directive to other modern societies beyond just Europe.
Private public partnerships – what makes them work..what makes them fail. Lessons learnt.
Creating innovation in procurement in the public sector- Taking the private sector experiences and tailoring to public sector.
Framework agreements – The pros and cons, challenges and modern solution. Impacts of Aggregation of supply and structuring centralized procurement models.
Criminality and Corruption. The Efforts to fight these elements in Public Procurement
What are the emerging trends in EU procurement that might be on its way to Australia and other countries.


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