Research Projects

The influence of external procurement rules on national procurement system

20th November 2012

Development partners and other donor countries resort to using their own procurement rules and reporting procedures when funding development projects which the recipient country must accept as part of the funding agreement. This practice, also adopted by bilateral donors and the multilateral development banks, has been attributed to the lack of confidence in the national […]

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Research project regarding overriding requirements in the general interest

30th August 2012

Dr. Andrea Sundstrand of the Faculty of Law at the University of Stockholm has been granted 3 years of funding for a research project regarding the concept of overriding requirements in the general interest in relation to the EU public procurement regulatory framework. The funding is provided by the Swedish Competition Authority (Konkurrensverket), which is the supervisional […]

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Ph.D. thesis on the principle of transparency and the choice of procedure

14th December 2011

The full title of the research project at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany, reads “The principle of transparency in the law of public procurement – Requirements for the choice of procedure”. At the basis of the thesis will be an in-depth analysis of the principle of transparency in German and European procurement law and […]

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How to construct a GPA-compliance domestic review system

12th December 2011

Recently Dr. Xinglin Zhang obtained a funding from the Ministry of Education of P.R.China to conduct a research project on how to construct a GPA-compliance domestic review system. This research aims to help China, who is currently negotiating its GPA accession with other GPA parties, to develop a domestic review system that is compatible with […]

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Public procurement of complex construction projects

9th December 2011

My research project aims at identifying contractual mechanisms which reduce risk premiums and transactional costs in public procurement of complex construction contracts. In order to identify contractual mechanisms which appears to reduce risk and transactional costs I conduct several case studies in which I apply law and economics theories to make an evaluation of risk […]

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The public procurement contract financed by European funds

28th February 2011

The research thesis will include an introductive chapter which will present the evolution of the public procurement legal framework in the EU and its implementation at national level after the 1st of January 2007, the date which Romania became a member state of the EU. Another part will analyze and comment in detail the Romanian legal framework […]

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Public Procurement Award Criteria in the EU Member States: A Comparative Case Study

25th November 2010

My research project aims at comparing and contrasting the solutions provided by four national legal systems (Portugal, France, UK and Ireland) on the subject of public procurement award criteria. My thesis will cover the following topics: the scope of the most economically advantageous tender; the linkage of the award criteria to the subject matter of […]

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PhD Thesis: Public contracts not (fully) covered by the public procurement Directives

30th September 2010

    The Thesis focus on contracts whose value falls below the thresholds of the Public Procurement Directive, contracts that are listed in Annex II B of the Directive and contracts regarding service concessions. The overall aim of the Thesis is to analyse which rules apply to contracting authorities when awarding a contract which is […]

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Restrictions on the Freedom of Choice of Legislators Arising from Principles of European Law

30th August 2010

Joint project with Mihkel Mugur analysing the Example of Negotiated Public Procurement Procedure with Prior Publication of a Contract Notice. Finalized with a publication in Juridica ( with the same title. JURIDICA IV/2010, pp 239-247.

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Limitations to use of procedures involving negotiations

26th October 2009

The Estonian law for public procurement states that below international thresholds the buyers are at liberty to use competitive dialogue (dir 2004/18 article 29) and negotiated procedure with prior publication of a contract notice (dir 2004/18 article 30) as they please. The buyer does not have to show that any of the preconditions referred to […]

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