Research Projects

Contractual autonomy of Health Authorities: object limits, organizations and cost efficiency

14th September 2009

The research program focuses on the analysis of health authorities’ contractual autonomy for purchasing goods and services in a comparative perspective (taking into account Italy, UK, France, Spain, Germany, USA). It aims to describe the organizational structures of national health-care service used for purchasing goods and services serving as a means to supply consumers with […]

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A review and analysis of PPP/PFI in the context of EU and UK legislation relating to freedom of movement, competition and state aid

2nd June 2009

The investigation seeks to assess the impact of EU law and UK procurement regulations on PFI/PPP agreements and the supply chains. It also includes an examination of related potential problems which might arise as a result of economic recession.   Angela Vodden, PhD thesis, University of Central Lancashire, UK.

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11th May 2009

The Asia Link consortium of University of Nottingham, Copenhagen Business School, Central University of Finance and Economics, University of Malaysia and Xinjiang University has published 3 short bibliographies covering EU procurement, WTO procurement and General Issues in Public Procurement. These will be followed by a comprehensive general bibliography at a later date. The bibliographies can […]

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Regulation of concessions, B-services and below thresholds

4th February 2009

My research is on what EC rules and principles that are applicable to concessions, B-services and thresholds, regarding “certain cross-border interest” and the freedom of member states to regulate these ares themselves.

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Global and European Administrative Law

27th January 2009

A two year research project has been launched in January 2008 and funded by the Italian Ministry of Education. Five Italian Universities are involved: Siena, Rome “Tor Vergata”, Viterbo “Tuscia”, Naples “Federico II” and Molise. The expected completion date is end 2010. The general topic is “Global and European Administrative Law. The relationship between global […]

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Specifics of Procurement Contract Law (in Comparison to General Contract Law)

24th January 2009

Under EC law, once awarded, procurement contracts become subject to national legislation. In case of Estonia, this means submission to general rules of contract law. However, some specific exceptions to such rules should be acknowledged and analysed. For instance, due to the specific nature of procurement proceedings, most procurement contracts under Estonian law fall into the category of standard form contracts […]

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The EC legal framework on the use of e-auctions in Regulated Procurement: Perspectives from the UK

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The New Text of the Agreement on Government Procurement: An Analysis and Assessment

15th January 2009

This article describes and analyzes the new, tentatively agreed text of the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement. It compares it to the existing agreement of 1995, offers interpretation of its provisions and discusses its potential implications for the regulation of international government purchasing. The objective of the article is to examine whether it has indeed […]

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EU Law and Scandinavian Welfare States, especially in the field of Services of General Interest

14th January 2009

‘Welcome to the twilight zone’– between Competition and Solidarity: Consequences of EU Law on Scandinavian Welfare States, especially in the Field of Services of General Interest.

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The Relationship between Public-Private Partnership, Public Procurement and State Aid

14th January 2009

The Bumpy Playing Field – The Relationship between Public-Private Partnership, Public Procurement and State Aid

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