Ph.D. thesis on the principle of transparency and the choice of procedure

The full title of the research project at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany, reads “The principle of transparency in the law of public procurement – Requirements for the choice of procedure”.

At the basis of the thesis will be an in-depth analysis of the principle of transparency in German and European procurement law and its possible dimensions in the procurement regime. The thesis will then assemble how the principle of transparency is expressed in the rules of procedure and determine the degree of transparency in each procedure. Subsequently, it will be examined whether the hierarchy of procedures in German procurement law and the prerequisites for their choice reflect a coherent level of transparency. The thesis will round up with building models for optimum and minimum transparency and hierarchy in and of procurement procedures, also in the light of current and constant reform on both the European and German level.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hermann Pünder, LL.M. (Iowa)